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Family is everything, and when there are divisions in your family, it is a legitimate cause for concern. If you are considering divorce or fighting for custody of your children, it's a good idea to get a trusted attorney on your side. I understand the serious nature of family law cases, and I want to help you. I will patiently guide you through your case while explaining the legal implications of various decisions.

Aggressive Advocacy During Divorce

If you are getting a divorce, you need a family law attorney to act as your advocate. The process of filing can be complicated, and making sure you get favorable results in property division, child custody, and child support is even more difficult. I know how to be aggressive in the courtroom and insist upon a decision that is in your best interests. I won't hesitate to use all available tools to succeed in your case.

I can help you with all aspects of divorce, including:

Helping Fathers Establish Paternity

If you suspect that you are the father of a child, I can help you legally establish paternity. This will involve DNA testing and filling out documents that evidence the fact that you are the father. If a father is able to establish paternity of a child who was born out of wedlock, he may be able to secure special visitation rights or develop a relationship with the child. In California, unmarried fathers have rights to care for their children. I can help you make sure these rights are enforced.

Special Experience in Juvenile Dependency Cases

My firm also operates in an area of law that many other family law firms don't handle. This is juvenile dependency cases. If you need an attorney because you are being investigated by Child Protection Services and may lose custody of your children, I can help.

I have studied this area of law and know how to defend families against CPS in court-room battles and pre-trial negotiations. I am tenacious in helping parents keep their children in situations of this nature. My services are extended to families in and around Corona and throughout Riverside County.

Guardianship Proceedings

If you want to arrange a guardianship as an estate planning precaution, or if you are the guardian appointed to certain children and you are now taking on this responsibility, I can help. I manage guardianship transfers and can help both the guardian and the individual arranging the guardianship to cover all legal bases. This is a life-changing process and needs to be done right. Let my firm help you with guardianship today!

Contact me for compassionate and caring family law representation. I'm not afraid to insist upon your best interests or to pursue a favorable outcome in your case!

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