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Today, not all children are born to married parents. In fact, about 41% of the children born in California are born out of wedlock. When a father is not married to the mother of the baby, he is required to establish paternity if he wants to sustain an ongoing relationship with the child. Paternity is a legal process in which the father is tested to confirm whether or not his DNA matches the DNA of the child.

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What is a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity?

You can avoid all the DNA blood work if you can establish paternity using aVoluntary Declaration of Paternity. This document, which can be accessed at local courthouses, is an official document that is normally signed at the hospital by the biological father. The mother will also need to sign the document confirming the father's paternity.

If you cannot establish paternity at the hospital with the Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, you will need to file a Petition to Establish the Parental Relationship. If a mother does not contest the father's claims, paternity will be established. If the mother does contest, it will be time to take a DNA test. After this, the court can establish or de-establish paternity and invoke the father's rights.

What Are My Rights As a Father After Establishing Paternity?

If you are a father and you have legally established paternity of your child, you have the right to spend time with your child and to provide for a child as permissible by the court. A judge can create visitation rights, which the child's mother will be legally obligated to follow.

The courts can also enforce child support obligations if necessary or make the child eligible for the father's government benefits such as Social Security and veteran's benefits. Children who have been claimed through paternity will also qualify for medical insurance coverage on the father's health plan and will be rightful heirs to their father's inheritance.

Resources for Establishing Paternity in Corona

Living in Corona, you have access to several local resources that can assist you in establishing paternity. For example, the Riverside County Superior Court, with its family law division, is a crucial entity for filing necessary legal documents such as the Petition to Establish the Parental Relationship.

Guiding Clients Through Common Paternity Issues

One challenge faced by fathers in Corona is navigating the legal complexities of paternity, especially when the mother contests the claim. This can be a stressful and emotional process, but understanding the local legal landscape can make a significant difference. With an experienced paternity lawyer, you can receive tailored guidance and assistance through these challenges.

Moreover, the community in Corona is well-acquainted with the importance of family and parental involvement. Local organizations and support groups often emphasize the benefits of establishing paternity, not just for legal reasons but for the well-being of the child. By working with a knowledgeable attorney who understands the specific needs and challenges of Corona residents, you can rest easy knowing that your rights as a father are protected and that you can work toward building a meaningful relationship with your child.

Whether you're dealing with contested paternity or simply need guidance on the process, having a local attorney who is familiar with the local legal system can be invaluable. They can help you navigate the necessary steps, from filing petitions to understanding court orders, ensuring that you are well-prepared to handle any challenges that arise.

For more information on how to establish paternity in Corona, don't hesitate to reach out to local resources or contact Michael J. LaCilento, Attorney at Law. With a deep understanding of the local legal environment, he can provide the support and guidance you need to secure your parental rights.

If you want more information about establishing paternity, don't hesitate to contact a Corona divorce lawyer right away. I understand how paternity cases are handled in California and can act as a legal advisor and advocate in your case. I handle paternity cases in and around Corona, as well as throughout Riverside County.

Commonly Asked Questions

What steps should I take if the mother contests paternity in Corona?

If the mother contests paternity in Corona, the next step is to file a Petition to Establish the Parental Relationship. If the mother continues to contest, a court-ordered DNA test may be necessary. Once the DNA test confirms paternity, the court can establish the father's rights, including visitation and child support obligations.

Why should I choose Michael J. LaCilento as my attorney for a paternity case in Riverside County?

Choosing Michael J. LaCilento as your attorney for a paternity case in Riverside County is beneficial because he has a thorough understanding of California's paternity laws and can provide both legal advice and advocacy. With experience handling paternity cases in Corona and throughout Riverside County, he can guide you through the process and help protect your rights as a father.

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