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Are you facing charges for burglary? If so, it is imperative that you take action immediately to ensure you are defended by an experienced and successful Corona defense attorney. Do not sit back and wait for your charges to blow over. Your rights and future are on the line and it is in your best interest to enlist my assistance. I know how to defend your rights and I am not afraid to go to bat on your behalf. Secure the representation of my firm, Michael J. LaCilento, Attorney at Law at (951) 335-0088 as soon as possible!

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As your defense lawyer, I will review your case and inform you of your rights and legal options. After being arrested, it is common to experience a great deal of stress and anxiety about your future and your freedom. As such, the moment you walk through my doors, I will make it my mission to help you feel at ease during this emotionally exhausting time.

What is Burglary in California?

The state of California defines burglary in the following ways:

  • When an individual unlawfully enters a building with the intention to commit a felony, theft, or an assault.
  • When an individual enters a building and commits or attempt to commit a felony, theft or an assault.
  • When an individual conceals himself or herself in a building with the intention of committing a felony, theft, or an assault.

In order to protect your rights, I will address all of your questions and concerns in order to help you obtain the peace of mind you deserve. In addition, I will fully educate you about the laws concerning burglary offenses and keep you up to date about the happenings of your case. My goal is to help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

What are the Penalties for Burglary?

If you are found guilty, you could face serious and immediate penalties, as well as life-altering consequences. You may face:

  • exorbitant fines,
  • jail time,
  • and court-ordered counseling,
  • among other penalties.

This offense will make a permanent stain on your criminal record and make it challenging and nearly impossible for you to secure future employment. Do not put your future opportunities on the line! Work with my firm to receive the personalized legal solutions you need and the supportive assistance you deserve. Make the smart choice – secure the representation of Michael J. LaCilento, Attorney at Law.

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