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Regardless of the charges you face, and regardless of how incriminating your case may seem, I, Michael J. LaCilento, Attorney at Law, can put all of my efforts into seeing you to the best possible outcome. You deserve to be advocated by a legal professional who can help protect your rights, interests, and freedoms. As an experienced Corona criminal defense lawyer, I am proud to offer quality counsel to my clients, and I have a reputation for success. When you work with my firm, you can be confident that your future – and your freedom – is in good hands. Choose to hire my firm today.

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I am proud to say that my firm:

  • Has 20+ years of dedicated experience
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What Sets Attorney Michael LaCilento Apart From The Rest?

Criminal defense complications can be difficult to overcome without the representation of an experienced legal professional. As soon as possible after an arrest, it is imperative that you retain the assistance of a talented attorney who will fight for your rights and help you obtain the best possible resolution to your complex legal situation.

When you choose to work with my firm, I will thoroughly review your situation and determine if your rights were violated in any manner. If it is deemed that you were a victim of any sort of infringement, I will use this to draft an aggressive defense for your case. You deserve to be represented by an attorney who pursues every avenue of defense. By choosing my firm, you can be certain that your rights are being defended to the fullest extent!

Consider some of the following testimonials from my former clients and professional colleagues:

  • "Everyone in his firm are all professionals who are on top of everything and we have never been in the dark about anything regarding any of our cases. If your problems are serious Michael LaCilento's Law office will be able to take care of you."
  • "…not only did Michael win my case he got it DISMISSED, which was better than I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend his office; the staff is friendly and always willing to lend a hand."

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Charges

What should I do after an arrest?
Immediately following an arrest, you will need to speak with a skilled attorney. Your legal advocate can then begin conducting investigations to secure evidence that can be used in your favor. Without legal representation, you could be jeopardizing your rights and your future.

What rights do I have after an arrest?
You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to retain legal representation. These rights are also known as Miranda Rights. When used appropriately, your rights could be some of the most powerful tools that can help protect your freedom.

Will I be convicted of a crime?
Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions about criminal matters has to do with conviction. Just because you have been arrested or charged with a crime DOES NOT mean that you will be convicted of the crime. The prosecution will have the burden of proving that you committed a crime and, if necessary, will have to convince a judge and jury that you are deserving of punishment.

Why do I need an attorney?
With the help of a qualified professional, you can have the power of the law and justice on your side. Though it may feel as though the entire world is against you right now, you must know that you do not have to go through this process alone. Your legal representative can collect evidence and develop an effective defense strategy that can help protect your rights, interests, and freedoms.

Criminal Cases We Handle

I am proud to assist clients facing a wide array of difficult criminal charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felony offenses.

If you are facing any of the following crimes, my office may be able to help:

I can even assist you with expunging a past criminal record and appealing cases that may have had an unfavorable ruling. Whatever you may be facing, you must know that you can have the help of a Corona criminal defense attorney from start to finish at Michael J. LaCilento, Attorney at Law.

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